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Our Solution

Anti-counterfeiting, Customer engagement, Analytics


Anti-counterfeiting solutions for your products, leveraging the power of NFC.

Protect your brand, your customers and your revenue by digitally securing your products from piracy and grey market activities.



With just a tap, a customer can engage directly with your brand.

The instant gratification of a tap delivers in-the-moment adaptable content tailored to deliver a rewarding and personal brand experience.



Smarter products provide better insights to drive an actionable strategy.

A dashboard analytics view of every tap measuring demographics, location, shares and more providing product performance answers.

Product Spotlight

Vinesource is wine anti-counterfeiting, customer engagement and analytics.Experts in the wine industry estimate that 20% of wine sold worldwide is counterfeit.This is why we created Vinesource working along side wineries and associations, big and small. We deliver solutions driven by the wine industry’s needs.

Our Technology

Hardware manufacturing and Software Development

Software Integration

Our unique cloud platform simplifies the creation of custom software packages so we can create a solution to satisfy virtually any need.

Unique Material

Our specialized material allows for scalable roll-to-roll production with a billion tag capability.

Product Authentication

Robust security can protect against package reuse leveraging two-level authentication and server-side encryption.

Engage And Measure

The power of digital marketing on the physical world. Deliver personalized content in a branded experience that’s trackable and measurable.

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    About NFC Authority

    Our vision is to bring anti-counterfeiting and customer engagement capabilities to the world. We deliver transparency and traceability creating a safer environment for producers and consumers alike.